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The incessant mantra drones on in our digital domain, we've programmed a routine to automate it: For 20 minutes everyday it  intones, why is efolkMusic here, and where the heck do we fit into both the current and soon-to-come post-Facebook world? (What, you say, I just got on!!!!! :^) Here's the news, late adoptors: Facebook has most assuredly peaked and is beginning the inexorable descent as "Facebook fatigue" spreads-- a fascinating experiment that began as a social tool and morphed into the 2nd hugest data mining operation in the world, a super-power tool of commerce. You heard it here first. (and while we are at it, Google is way too big for their britches, they may be the next Yahoo.....wait, they already are and will be again???!!??)

But enough commentary- the question remains, and here is one answer:  There has always been music worthy of greater exposure; almost every day one of you sends us a link worth following, music from the "99%-ers", really exceptional art that don't show up on McMedia's radar. We do what we can to let you know what you are most probably missing- just look around at this page, you'll get the idea. And you can help, keep those cards and letters coming. CDs are fine, too, but our preferred method is the friction-free "green" link to the goods- send your music or your latest find to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We promise to give it a serious listen and pass on the best to our visitors. Our ears are open. 


PS We haven't found a good excuse or artistic justification for un-tuned guitars or auto-tuned voices. We like it real, but not perfect.

PPS We would be remiss if we didn't mention that we are a volunteer-powered nonprofit, we exist only with your support. Think about it:

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"You are providing a great link to help people discover new artists and provide an alternative to the mass-produced junk we have presented to us on radio/TV etc. Well done and keep up the great work."- Eamon S

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