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The incessant mantra drones on in our digital domain, we've programmed a routine to automate it: For 20 minutes everyday it  intones, why is efolkMusic here, and where the heck do we fit into both the current and soon-to-come post-Facebook world? (What, you say, I just got on!!!!! :^) Here's the news, late adoptors: Facebook has most assuredly peaked and is beginning the inexorable descent as "Facebook fatigue" spreads-- a fascinating experiment that began as a social tool and morphed into the 2nd hugest data mining operation in the world, a super-power tool of commerce. You heard it here first. (and while we are at it, Google is way too big for their britches, they may be the next Yahoo.....wait, they already are and will be again???!!??)

David Bethany: True Love

David Bethany - True LoveIndependent folk-rock lives, breathes, and is making good music -- exhibit A,  David Bethany, with a great new album, True Love. David is a "seasoned" Sullivans Island, SC artist who's done a fair amount of thinking and songwriting just off the continent's edge, from an island perspective. The result is a thoughtful, mature commentary on love and life, twelve new songs that get very personal; the voice is honest, the words are true. He has an attitude, for sure, but it's a good attitude. 

David's "previous life" was in rock & roll (Killer Whales), and he's as comfortable  fronting an electric band with a horn line as he is with an acoustic guitar. He covers the stylistic bases in this collection, a tasty and melodical musical salad with ample dressing.   Excellent players and production by David and Jay Miley, and the horn arrangements and backup vocals are very hip. As Leicester Bangs says, True Love  "will undoubtedly be a massive hit in some as yet undiscovered parallel universe, where such things as genuine soul and tender, heartfelt songwriting are coveted."  We concur...


Paul Russell: You and I

Paul RussellHere is a lovely waltz from Colorado's Paul Russell.Paul Russell plays what he calls "Rocky Mountain Americana", a music style infused with elements of folk, newgrass, old country, tomfoolery, delta blues and pirates. The lyrics explore themes of love, beauty, mystery, and meaning....a mature, refined songwriter whose attention to detail pays off.--The Marquee - Front Range, CO

Click on music player below to listen / Download You and I (right-click or option-click to download...)

Paul Russell Artist Page

Reviewed: Somewhere South of Crazy

Reviewed by Joe Ross....

Dale Ann Bradley is a defining bluegrass voice of our time. After reviewing Dale Ann Bradley’s third solo album project “Catch Tomorrow” back in 2007, I felt she was perfectly poised to break through and win IBMA’s Female Vocalist of the Year Award, an honor she’d been nominated for in 2006. Sure enough, Dale Ann subsequently won the award for three years running, in 2007, 2008 and 2009. Dale Ann’s 2011 release “Somewhere South of Crazy” documents the artist’s musical maturity, and it is also acknowledges the strength of her 26-year vocal collaboration with Steve Gulley, a fine guitarist and singer in his own right who also contributed to writing “Restoring the Love.” Others singing some harmony vocals on this CD include Pam Tillis (Somewhere South of Crazy), Kim Fox (Round and Round, Summer Breeze, Next to Nothing), and Sierra Hull (Come Home Good Boy). Hull’s nimble-fingered mandolin playing is always a treat to hear. Other noteworthy instrumental support comes from Stuart Duncan, Mike Bub, Andy Hall, Matt Combs, David Long, Mike Summer and the album’s astute producer Alison Brown.

Mighty Nice Music

Pete, Woody, Sonny Terry, Browne McGhee, et al, if you like the banjo or any of these guys, watch this:

NC Saxophone Ensemble

Wow, what a great sound, and I take back everything bad I ever said about Mozart- here the overture from Le Nozze di Figaro:

The Mind of an Artist: Self-promotion, 1806-style

Ludwig van Beethoven understood the value of raising the taste of the public; present-day artists might want to consider using this as a basis for requests from patrons, etc., or say you want a discount on your child's voice lessons. Below is an excerpt from his 1806 petition to the Vienna Imperial Court Theater, a request to retain him as in in-house opera composer, at 2,400 florins annually:

The undersigned may flatter himself that so far during the period of his stay in Vienna he has won a certain amount of favor and appreciation... both at home and abroad.

Nevertheless, he has had to contend with all sorts of difficulties, and as yet has not been fortunate enough to establish himself here in a position compatible to his desire to live entirely for art...

Since on the whole the aim which he has ever pursued in his career has been much less to earn his daily bread than to raise the taste of the public and to let his genius soar to greater heights and even to perfection, the inevitable result has been that the undersigned has sacrifices to the Muse both materialprofit and his own advantage. - Ludwig van Beethoven

His petition was rejected (OK, maybe the third person thing  was a bit much), but luckily some upstanding royals stepped up to the plate and he didn't have to take a day job. Times have changed, huh?

Always, Always, Keep Smiling

If you don't like this, you don't like bluegrass- Liberace playing the great Zez Confrey classic Dizzy Fingers. Whew!!

Tom Martin: Twisting In the Wind

Tom MartinHere's a lovely song from Tom Martin. Tom comes from Ireland and his music covers a wide range of styles. Widely regarded as one of the finest guitarists to come out of Ireland, but primarily a brilliant songwriter of longstanding cult status...Easy to listen to, hard to define with a melodic touch of Paul Simon and lyrical insight of a John Prine, but with a sound and a songwriting skill that is undeniably his own. - Belfast Telegraph

Listen: / Download Twisting In the Wind (right-click or option-click to download...)

Tom Martin Artist Page

Audrey & Orwell: Stairwells EP

Audrey & OrwellWhat started as the solo project of Columbus, OH, singer/songwriter Jason Dutton (ex-Nixon Ford and Carter) has morphed into a quartet featuring two known locals-viola player Emily Ng of Super Desserts and vocalist Counterfeit Madison of Trains Across the Sea and the Dewdroppers, plus new-to-the-scene cellist Natalie Manny. The young band, Audrey & Orwell, has made some live appearances in the last year and is now releasing its first recording in the form of a four-song EP, Stairwells, recorded by Josh Landis of Old Son Studios.

This is very cool music, the instrumentation give them a unique sound to support Dutton's songs- the arrangements are hip, the production quality is first-rate. Listen to this track, download if you like it, you can say you knew about them before they got famous:

/ Download Rapture Audrey & Orwell Artist Page

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