Lee Hayes
Lee Hayes


Lee Hayes
Folk Rock
Birmingham England

I’m a wordy person always somewhere  else, not quite with it, whatever ‘it’ is, thinking about meanings to songs, especially little throw away lines. I can’t stand this Cowell driven vacuum that exists at the moment, don’t believe ‘bankers’, ‘politicians’ and especially ‘Newsreaders’.
I like writing songs that have interesting guitar parts, I feel the words need to flow with the guitar part and have nice hidden meanings (especially the ones I don’t know myself)
I still have ten fingers and toes which are the product of 3.5 billion years of evolution, I walk upright and like the rest of humanity often speak before I think  but at least I don’t go around killing others after  which sets me apart from lower forms of life.
So to conclude I wish you peace and happiness and I hope you get away with anything that don’t harm no-one and brings you pleasure.



This is my E.P., I just thought that I'd tell you that it was recorded live in 2.5 hours and backing vocals were added after by the guy who mixed it (with help from his girlfriend Collette). I think it stands on it's own as a Songwriters Postcard and I hope you enjoy the heart and soul that is being bled for you ;0)

Comments About Lee Hayes from Jango Fans

“ Something about him, would like to hear more to make decision ”

“ sweet song and singing ”

“ Its a really lovely song. Your able to hear the artists soul as he is singing it, its beautiful. ”

“ you remind me of elliot smith a little bit. ”

“ Thankyou ! You just made my Day better.NICE LISTENING TO YOU>>>>>>>>tks ”

“ Great Sound. I would like to hear more from You. John ”
“ nice music to listen to when you're tired and wants to do nothing. Just listen to this music. Lovely ”


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